Winter Basketball (k-12)

Important Dates (3rd-5th Grade)

Registration Deadline.....Nov. 27
Practice begins...............Dec. 9
Regular Season..Jan. 18 - Mar. 8
Jamboree...................Jan. 10-12
5th Grade Tourney....Mar. 13-15

Important Dates (6-8th GIRLS)

Registration Deadline....Nov. 27
Practice begins...............Dec. 9
Regular Season...Jan. 18-Mar. 8
Jamboree...................Jan. 10-12
KIDS Classic Tourn...Mar. 13-15

Important Dates (6th-8th BOYS)

Registration Deadline...Nov. 1
Practice begins...........Nov. 11
Regular Season...Jan. 11-Mar. 1
Jamboree................Dec. 13-15
KIDS Classic Tourn...Mar 6-8

For teams outside of Eugene/Springfield/Pleasant Hill, out of district registration info click here

Kindergarten-2nd Grade Winter Basketball Clinic Series -
($50) Deadline Jan. 3rd

A new and exciting introduction to basketball basics. K-2nd graders will run through age-appropriate games and drills. We lower the basket and play with smaller balls. The camp will consist of four 50-minute sessions. One session will be conducted per week. Every child will receive a t-shirt.
Sessions run Jan. 11 - Feb. 1.
Sessions will be on Saturday mornings at Meadow View School (1855 Legacy St., Eugene, 97402).
Time TBD.

1st & 2nd Grade Basketball Extended Season ($275/team)
Teams that play in the 1st-2nd grade fall basketball season can continue on to play 6 more games in January and February. Turn in this registration form with your $275 team fee by (DEADLINE December 13th).


3rd-4th Grade Basketball ($115) Deadline Nov. 27

This is an introduction to the fundamentals of basketball, modified for entry level participants. Schools with enough players to divide into multiple teams will be split evenly in the 3rd grade and can be by skill in the 4th grade. Each team will play nine regular season games. And each team will have the option to enter the pre-season jamboree for an additional team fee. 8'6" baskets and 9' free throw lines. Each player receives a jersey.


5th Grade Basketball ($125) Deadline Nov. 27 (READ MORE HERE ABOUT THE 5th GRADE PROGRAM

This level introduces players to the skills and strategies of basketball. Schools with enough players to have multiple teams will divide players by skill level. Each team will play eight regular season games + a pre-season seeding jamboree + post-season tournament all included in the registration price. Games will consist of 16-minute halves. In accordance with USA Basketball recommendations, zone defense is not allowed at this level. Full court pressing and three point baskets are allowed. 10' baskets and 12' free throw lines. Each player receives a jersey.

Middle School Basketball (6th-8th Grade) ($135) Boys Deadline Nov. 1, Girls Deadline Nov. 27

(CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE INFO ABOUT THE 6th-8th GRADE PROGRAM and the team formation process

Players are introduced to a higher level of basketball with increased defensive pressure. Schools generally have enough players to divide into three skill levels (Gold, Silver, Bronze). Also, 7th and 8th GRADE GIRLS WILL COMBINE TOGETHER TO MAKE TEAMS IN EACH AREA. Each player receives a jersey.

Winter High School Basketball (9th-12th Grade) ($95/player fee) Deadline Dec. 6th

KIDSPORTS Development and Competitive High School Basketball program:

This program is designed for young adults not on a high school interscholastic basketball team. The purpose of this program is to provide both a developmental and competitive league for young adults wishing to play Basketball. Games run January - March. Open to any boy or girl attending high school in the Eugene/Springfield/Pleasant Hill area. All teams play eight games on regulation courts. HS teams will get one practice per week in local school gyms, KIDSPORTS will work with their local HS to get time in their school gyms for additional practices when space is available. Each player will receive a jersey.

Players register individually with KIDSPORTS and can either specify a particular coach/ team to be placed with OR they can register individually without a coach/team and we will create teams by HS area and work to find coaches for those teams.

The high school season will begin with a seeding Jamboree in which all teams will play 4 mini games and based on those results teams will be placed in divisions (Gold/Silver/Bronze). The goal is to make a competitive league composed of teams/players wishing to play at a highly competitive level AND have a league of teams wishing to play in less competitive, more recreational level.

  • Coach of a high school team must be 21 years of age or older. The coach must register as a coach and complete all KIDSPORTS Coach Certification requirements. (see coach to do list) Coaches must commit to attending ALL league games scheduled for your team. You may recruit as well an assistant coach (21 years or older) to attend league games that the Head Coach cannot attend. A registered coach must be present on the bench for ALL games.

  • Register individually and KIDSPORTS will find a team and coach for you, or you can let us know that you have a group of friends that you want placed on the same team together.

  • Individual registration fee is $95.00. Scholarship discount is available for students on free lunch (submit copy of free lunch award letter to us).

  • All registrants will be asked to sign a player code of conduct prior to their first league game

  • KIDSPORTS will issue all registered individuals on a team a uniform shirt of which MUST be worn as is and unaltered for all games. If you do not have the issued KIDSPORTS uniform, you will not play.

Note for teams entering KIDSPORTS End of Season Tournaments:

Only KIDSPORTS officially rostered regular season teams are eligible for tournament play.

As a reminder and as stated in 2.04 of the KIDSPORTS Program and Coach Handbook:Tournament play requires that coaches play only athletes on their official roster in KIDSPORTS' regular season games and official tournaments.

Any use of a non - rostered player (even if they are officially rostered on another KIDSPORTS team) is a severe breach of ethics and is grounds for immediate dismissal and game forfeiture. There is never a permissible reason to use a player that is not on the roster. If the coach has any questions he/she should speak with the KIDSPORTS Sports Manager.

Coaches please make sure you are registering for the tournament with your official regular season roster. Lineup cards are required for tournament play.