Spring Klassic Soccer (5th-12th Grade)


Registration Deadline...Mar. 9
Out of District...............Mar. 16
Practice begins..............Mar. 19
Regular Season....Apr 7-May 12


All 5th-12th grade in-district (Eugene/Springfield/Pleasant Hill) participants register individually on-line or at the KIDSPORTS office.  In-District 5th-12th grade individual player registration deadline is March 10th. 

Out of District (non-Eugene/Springfield/Pleasant Hill) teams register by paying a team fee to the KIDSPORTS office.
  Out of District Team registration deadline is March 17th. Out of District Forms here


KIDSPORTS In-District Eugene/Springfield/Pleasant Hill 5th-6th Grade & 7th-8th Grade Klassic Soccer - Spring 2018

1.     This spring, all 5th-6th Grade, and 7th-8th Grade Klassic Soccer Coaches and Players in each High School area/age/gender, will meet as a group for the 1st week of practices (the week of March 19-23).

2.     Every player & coach in their age group/gender/H.S. area will be required to attend these practices in order to be placed on a team.

3.     Previously existing fall KIDSPORTS teams (formed properly under KIDSPORTS fall team formation policies) will keep their rosters from the fall season intact - teams may be asked to take on additional players of similar ability if below the minimum roster number; and dictated by the number of players interested in playing in a HS area.

4.     Final rosters must be approved by KIDSPORTS.

5.     IF YOU CAN'T ATTEND THE 1st WEEK OF PRACTICES - you must contact your coach (if on an existing/returning KIDSPORTS team); or contact KIDSPORTS (if not on an existing/returning team). We will make every effort to place you on an appropriate team.


KIDSPORTS offers recreational youth soccer leagues for fifth through eighth grade teams and also high school teams. Leagues are divided by age, gender and skill. There are between two and three skill levels for each age division. Age divisions are (5th-6th graders, play 9v9) and (7th & 8th graders, play 11v11) and (9th-12th graders, play 6v6). All teams play eight regular season games.

We regularly have teams in our leagues from surrounding communities outside of Eugene/Springfield and a few teams from as far as Redmond, Coos Bay, Salem, Albany, Corvallis, and Roseburg. This will mean that some local teams may have to travel occasionally for a game. We schedule the leagues so as to minimize the travel for each team. Including these teams enhances the quality of our program and gives each team the opportunity to play a greater variety of opponents season after season. All 9th-12th grade high school games will be played in Eugene/Springfield.

Registration Fees for Spring Soccer:

In-district· (5th-6th grade) $93/player + $12 OYSA fee if not already paid in fall 2016 -- (KIDSPORTS provides a jersey) KIDSPORTS recommends a minimum of 12 players per team. Teams with less than 12 players must be approved by KIDSPORTS.

In-district· (7th/8th grade) $85/player + $12 OYSA fee if not already paid in fall 2016 -- (Teams purchase their own uniforms) KIDSPORTS recommends a minimum of 15 players per team. Teams with less than 15 players must be approved by KIDSPORTS.

In-district· High School (9th-12th grade) $80/player (fee already includes the mandatory OYSA fee) (KIDSPORTS provides a jersey) -- Open to any boy or girl attending high school in the Eugene/Springfield/Pleasant Hill area. All teams play eight games (6v6 on the field). Each player will receive a jersey. Players register individually with KIDSPORTS and can either specify a particular coach/ team to be placed with OR they can register individually without a coach/team and we will create teams by HS area and work to find coaches for those teams.

Out of District Team Fee (7th-8th Grade) ($900 + OYSA fees) for teams outside Eugene/Springfield
Out of District Team Fee (5th-6th Grade) ($780 + OYSA fees) for teams outside Eugene/Springfield

Out of District Forms here

ALSO, once each school year every Klassic Soccer coach must register themselves on-line and complete the OYSA background check info on-line HERE at this link!!!

This is in addition to every coach also needing to complete all of the steps required by KIDSPORTS to qualify to be a coach (info here).