High School Spring Soccer 2018 6v6 Rules Modifications

·         Two 25 minute halves with a 5 min halftime

·         No offsides

·         Regular substitution rules

·         Goalie can’t punt or throw past half without it bouncing on their side first.   This would not be the case for goal kicks or any ball kicked from the ground.


Field Size:  60yds x 50yds,

-- goals positioned at the football 20 yd line on each end of the field

-- use the football sidelines

-- top of goal box on the 25 yd line and the sides are the football hash marks — goal kicks are taken from there.

-- The top of the penalty box will be the 30 yd line and sides are the blue Lacrosse lines

All free kicks are indirect, except for penalty kicks.

Penalty kicks taken from the 32 yd line.