Youth Sports Camps for 1st-8th graders hosted by local High School Programs (and area colleges)


Links for various youth summer camps that are put on by local high school athletic departments (and area colleges) are listed below. For some of them the registration is done through KIDSPORTS, others have their own registration process as described:


** Churchill HS Youth Football Camp (August 6th - August 8th, Grades 2-8)

** Churchill HS Youth Soccer Camp (July 9th - July 13th, Grades 2-8)

** North Eugene HS Youth Soccer Camp (July 30th - August 2nd, Ages 6-14)

** North Eugene HS Youth Volleyball Camp (June 18th-20th, Grades 3-8)

** Sheldon HS Youth Volleyball Camp (June 25th-29th, Grades 3-8)

** South Eugene HS Youth Soccer Camp (June 18th-21st, Grades 1-9)

** South Eugene HS Youth Volleyball Camp (June 18th-21st, Grades 3-9)

** Willamette HS Youth Volleyball Camp (June 25th-28th, Grades 3-8)


** University of Oregon Girls Basketball Camp (June 20th-22nd, Grades 2-8)

** University of Oregon Youth Soccer Camps (July 9th-20th, Ages 6 and up)

** Willamette University Girls Basketball Camp (July 16th-19th, Ages 10-17)