downloadable forms


The forms below may be printed at your convenience. After printing a form, fill out the necessary information, and it then may be mailed, faxed, or brought in to the KIDSPORTS office to begin the process.

Coaches Application and Background Check Form and Coach Pledge
Everyone that would like to coach or is an existing coach must submit both of these forms annually. And each coach must complete the steps in the Coach To Do List here.

Employment Application
This is a generic application for anyone seeking employment with KIDSPORTS.

Game Schedule Conflict Request Form
Form for coaches to submit their game scheduling requests.

Grade Level Waiver Form (2 per sheet)
Form for parents to fill out after their child/team has been approved to play up a grade level.

Line Up Cards
All of the necessary line up cards for each sport.

Official/Referee Evaluation Form
This form is available for constructive criticism and evaluation of an official's performance during KIDSPORTS games and activities.

Out of District Team Registration Forms
All of the necessary forms to register an out of district team.

Physical Form
We must have a current physical on file for any player participating in tackle football. READ MORE HERE ABOUT REQUIREMENTS.

Player Petition for Team Placement
Any player wishing to petition for placement on a team other than the one formed at his/her school must complete this petition and await approval from a Sports Manager.

Refund Request Application
This form is available to request a refund for any KIDSPORTS activity. Please read the Refund Policy to see the limitations and restrictions.

Registration Form (Spanish version click here)
This is a generic registration form to sign up for any sport. This form is for mail-in or faxing. On-line registration is available here.

Scholarship/Reduced Fee Application
This form is used to apply for a scholarship/reduced fee. This form must be accompanied by a registration form and verification of income or an award letter for free or reduced school lunches.

Tackle Football Equipment Release Waiver
You cannot use your personal equipment until you have completed and submitted this form to the KIDSPORTS office.