Flag Football Rules (7th-8th Grade)


(Artificial Turf Field Rules)


·         Cleats are allowed- no metal spikes, tennis shoes are fine too.

·         Mouthguard (provided).

·         Shorts or sweats are fine, it is best if they do not have pockets. Dark, solid color shorts are recommended.

·         KIDSPORTS jersey should be worn during all games (provided).

·         No jewelry is to be worn during the game.



·         KIDSPORTS provides jerseys, flags, mouthpieces, and four footballs (junior size) for each team.

·         Coaches are responsible for having equipment bag with them each week.

·         The home team will be responsible for providing the game football and first down cones (40, 25, and 10 yard line).


The Field

·         The field is a regulation size football field in a 40 yard zone. Teams will begin play from the 40 yard line heading into the end zone. The offensive team will always progress into the end zone. No-Run Zone at or within 5 yards of a first down or the goal line. Teams will have 4 plays to gain 15 yards for a first down.

·         The boundary line is considered out of bounds.

·         Only players and the referee are allowed on the field during game play (coaches must remain on the sideline.


The Game

·         Visiting team calls the toss. The winner of a coin toss gets first offensive possession. Loser has choice of direction.

·         The offensive team takes possession of the ball at the 40 yard line and has four (4) plays to gain 15 yards to get a first down. If the offense fails to score or gain a first down, the ball changes possession and the new offensive team takes over at the 40 yard line.

·         All possession changes start on the 40 yard line. Intercepted passes can be returned to the 40 yard line for a touchdown. If not returned for a TD the ball will be spotted on the 40 yard line with a possession change. 

·         The game consists of two 25 minute, running clock halves.

·         Each team will begin the game with 3 time outs (one minute in length).

·         Halftime: 3 minutes.

·         Play clock: 30 seconds from when the ball is spotted.

·         PAT’s: After a touchdown, each team will have the option of going for 1 point (ball spotted at the 5 yard line) or 2 points (ball spotted at the 10 yard line).

·         Overtime will begin with a coin toss and each team will have an opportunity to score beginning at the 15 yard line with 3 downs to score. All teams will be forced to go for two. Overtime is untimed.


·         Only officially registered KIDSPORTS 7-8 grade flag football players will be allowed to participate.

·         The game will consist of 5 players playing at a time. A team can start the game with 4 players.

·         Team rosters will consist of 6-10 players


·         Touchdown: 6 points

·         PAT’s: 1 point from the 5 yard line. 2 points from the 10 yard line.

·         No safeties. If a team is penalized or sacked behind the 40 yard line there will be a loss of down and the ball will return to the 40 yard line.


·         All passes must be forward and received beyond the line of scrimmage.

·         Shovel passes are allowed but must be received beyond the line of scrimmage.

·         The quarterback has a seven-second “pass clock”. If a pass is not thrown in within seven seconds, the play is dead, loss of down. Once the ball is handed off, the seven second rule is no longer in effect.

·         The official will verbalize the last 3 seconds of the pass clock.

·         Half-back passes are permitted.


Dead Balls

·         The ball must be snapped between the legs or off to one side to start play. The ball must be touching the ground at the point of snap.

·         The center is an eligible receiver.

·         Substitutions may be made on any dead ball. 

·         Play is ruled “dead” when: — Ball carrier’s flag is pulled - Ball carrier steps out of bounds -Touchdown or PAT is scored - At the point of a fumble - Ball carrier’s knee hits the ground - Ball carrier’s flag falls off - Inadvertent whistle (at the spot where the ball was whistled dead)  - The 7 second pass clock expires. Center – Quarterback exchange can have one (1) fumble. The second fumble exchange is a dead ball.


Blitzing the Quarterback

·         One player only is allowed to blitz the quarter back from 10 yards behind the line of scrimmage.

·         The quarterback is not allowed to run the ball unless blitzed. The defender must be beyond the original line of scrimmage for the QB to run for positive yardage.

·         The 7 second rule does not apply for a QB that is being blitzed. 


·         If the referee witnesses any acts of tackling, elbowing, blocking, or any unsportsmanlike act, the game will be stopped and a warning will be issued. A second infraction by the same player will result in an immediate ejection. FOUL PLAY WLL NOT BE TOLERATED.

·         Trash talking will not be allowed. Officials have the right to determine offensive language directed at opposing players, teams, spectators, and officials. One warning will be issued at the first occurrence. If it continues, the player or players will be ejected from the game.

·         Ball carriers MUST make an effort to avoid defenders with an established position.

·         Defenders are not allowed to run through the ball carrier when pulling flags.

·         Any contact made with the Quarterback while he is in passing motion is roughing.

·         No blocking or “screening” is allowed at any time.

·         Offensive players must stop their motion once the ball has crossed the line of scrimmage.

·         Fans must adhere to good sportsmanship too: Keep younger kids and equipment such as coolers, chairs and tents off of the playing field. Cheer on your players; don’t harass the official or opposing team.


·         The referee will call all penalties. All penalties enforced from the line of scrimmage. Penalties will be assessed half the distance to the goal yardage if the distance to goal is less than the penalty yardage.


·         Defense must be 2 yards off the ball. Once the ball is handed off, then the defense can blitz the player carrying the ball, otherwise no blitzing within the 10 yard “no blitz zone”.

·         Offsides/False Start - 5 yards.

·         Illegal contact - 5 yards (Holding, blocking, etc.).

·         Pass interference - 5 yards and automatic first down from the original line of scrimmage. (For example DPI on 1st and 15 from the 40 yard line will result in 1st and 10 from the 35 yard line.

·         Illegal flag pull - 5 yards (before receiver has ball).

·         Illegal blitzing - 5 yards (a blitz within the 10 yard no blitz zone).

·         Roughing the passer - 5 yards.


·         Illegal motion – 5 yards (two players in motion at the same time pre snap, any player moving towards the line of scrimmage at the time of snap).

·         Illegal forward pass – 5 yards (any forward pass thrown beyond the line of scrimmage).

·         Offensive pass interference – 5 yards, loss of down. Illegal pick play, pushing off/ away from a defender.

·         Flag guarding – 5 yards.

·         Screening, blocking, or running alongside the ball carrier – 5 yards.

·         Unsportsmanlike conduct – 5 yards.

·         Delay of game – 5 yards (play clock: 30 seconds).

.         Illegal Running Play -- No play and loss of down. (Running play within the No-Run Zone at or within 5 yards of a first down or the goal line.  Or consecutive running plays with the same ball carrier)


·         The home team is responsible for placing the “first down cones” on either side of the field at the 40, 25, and 10 yard line.

·         All penalties will be assessed from the line of scrimmage.

·         Only the Coaches may ask the referee questions about rule clarification and interpretations. Players cannot question judgment calls.

·         Games cannot end on a defensive penalty, unless the offense declines it.

·         No kickoffs punts and no blocking or screening allowed at any time.

·         Each child must have the opportunity to run the football and/or attempt to catch the football during the game.

·         The same player may not carry the football twice in a row at any time during the game.

·         Each player must enter in each half.

·         Each player must play at least a total of 20 minutes.