Fall Klassic Soccer (5th-8th Grade)


Registration Deadline..Late Reg. to Aug 11
Out of District........Aug 16
Practice begins.......Aug 12
Regular Season...Sept 14-Oct 13
Pre-Season Jamboree...Sept 6-8
Soccer Cup...........Oct 18-Oct 27

Late registration still available in person at KIDSPORTS office on a space available basis with the $10 late fee.

KIDSPORTS offers recreational youth soccer leagues for fifth through eighth grade teams. Leagues are divided by grade, gender and skill. There are between two and three skill levels for each division. Divisions are (5th & 6th graders) and (7th & 8th graders). 9th graders are not allowed to play regardless of age. The 5th-6th grade teams play 9 v 9 on the field, and the 7th-8th grade teams play 11 v 11 on the field.


Out of District (non-Eugene/Springfield/Pleasant Hill teams) register with a team fee (info & forms here)

Important Team Formation and Registration info for In-District Eugene/Springfield Families,

  • All In-District Eugene/Springfield/Pleasant Hill Players must be registered individually on-line or in the KIDSPORTS office, by the August 2nd registration deadline.

  • Fee for 5th-8th grade for the fall season is $116 + $14 annual OYSA fee. (KIDSPORTS provides jersey for in-district 5th-8th grade teams)

  • The Oregon Youth Soccer Association (OYSA) registration fee is good for one school year, so it will not need to be paid again in the spring.


KIDSPORTS In-District Eugene/Springfield/Pleasant Hill Fall Soccer Team Formation - Fall 2019

  • The goal of the team formation process is to ensure all registered players in a high school area are placed on an appropriately skilled team that allows for maximum skill development and enjoyment.

  • All Klassic Soccer Coaches and Players in each High School area/age/gender will meet as a group at least 2-3 times for the 1st week of Team Formation practices (the week of August 12th - 16th).

  • Every player & coach in an age group/gender/High School area is expected to attend at least one practice in order to be placed on a team.

  • All players in a High School area will be evaluated and placed on a team. If the team being formed in a High School area is not a reasonable fit for a player, based on their skill, and experience, KIDSPORTS will work to place the player on an appropriate team in another High School area. Coaches must communicate with their Sports Manager during the formation process about any players they are unable to place on a team or players that are absent.

  • Final rosters and team formation must be approved by your area KIDSPORTS Sports Manager.

  • Player evaluation sheets with rosters attached will be given to coaches to aid them in assessing all players in a consistent, structured manner and in placing each player on an appropriate team.

* IF A PLAYER CAN'T ATTEND THE TEAM FORMATION WEEK - they must contact the lead coach listed; or contact KIDSPORTS. KIDSPORTS will make every effort to place them on an appropriate team.


We regularly have teams in our leagues from surrounding communities outside of Eugene/Springfield and a few teams from as far as Redmond, Coos Bay, Salem, Albany, Corvallis, and Roseburg. This will mean that some local teams may have to travel occasionally for a game or two. We schedule the leagues with every attempt to minimize the travel for each team. Including these teams enhances the quality of our program and gives each team the opportunity to play a greater variety of opponents season after season.

All teams play a preseason seeding jamboree (which includes 6 mini games), eight regular season games and a season ending Soccer Cup (which has a two-game guarantee). So, each team plays the equivalent of 13 full games which is all included in the total fee for the season. All players and coaches are required to be registered with Oregon Youth Soccer Association (OYSA). Teams will be placed in "Gold", "Silver", or "Bronze" leagues based on the results of our seeding jamboree.

Coach Requirements:

Every coach needs to complete all of the steps required by KIDSPORTS to qualify to be a coach (info here).

ALSO, once each school year every Klassic Soccer coach must register themselves on-line and complete the OYSA background check info on-line HERE at this link!!!