Fall basketball (1st & 2nd Grade)

Important Dates 2019

Registration Deadline...Oct. 18
Practice begins..............Oct. 28
Regular Season..Nov. 9 - Dec. 15

1st & 2nd Grade Fall Basketball - ($70)

A great introduction to basketball and a fun activity for kids of all sizes and abilities, we modify the rules of the game to maximize success and growth. The basket height is lowered to 8-1/2' and we restrict defenses to man-to-man and no back-court guarding. To encourage maximum participation we divide the games into eight periods of five minutes each. Any child not in the game one period must start and play in the next period.

Games are played 3v3 on a modified full court.  For any of you familiar with our Kindergarten micro-soccer program, this is the same concept as that format.
(view more details here about the 3v3 game)

1st-2nd Grade Basketball 3v3 Format

The gyms will be set up on game days so that games will be played going full court sideways in each gym.  NOT the normal lengthwise use of the gym.

  • COURTS: During your scheduled game, you will have two simultaneous 3v3 games involving your players happening on the two side-by-side sideways full courts in your gym with a small buffer zone in the middle of the gym between the two courts.

  • PLAYERS: At any given time, there will be 6 of your players playing against 6 of your opponent’s players in two separate simultaneous 3v3 full court sideways games in your gym.

  • CLOCK: There will be the need for one team to supply a game clock operator as is normally the case. The same clock will be used to track the time for both side-by-side 3v3 games.

  • COACHES/REFEREES: One coach should be the on-court official and monitor play for one 3v3 game, while another coach is the on-court official and monitor for play for the other 3v3 game happening simultaneously.

Teams will be formed by grade, school and gender. If a school does not have enough kids to form their own team, players will be combined with a neighboring school. Every player gets a T-shirt uniform and plays five games + a pre-season jamboree.

1st & 2nd Grade Basketball Extended Season ($275/team)
Teams that play in the 1st-2nd grade fall basketball season can continue on to play 6 more games in January and February. Turn in this registration form with your $275 team fee by December 13th.