Your gift to KIDSPORTS provides affordable supervised recreation that instills important skills and values in impressionable young lives. Gifts can be designated to any of the following categories:


Did you know: over 4,ooo kids were able to play sports in 2015/2016 because of KIDSPORTS donors?

That's a huge impact made by donors! 


General Fund Donation


Gifts to the general fund help support a wide range of things at KIDSPORTS including:

  • Facilities Use and Maintainance - This includes field painting and repair, trash pickup, and providing portable toilets

  • Equipment - Our sports equipment gets put through hard use and must be replaced regularly

  • Operating Expenses - We keep overhead costs low so most of our revenue is devoted to programs

  • Coach Training - All coaches at Kidsports are required to take a yearly online Concussion awareness course and Head Coaches are required to become a "Double-Goal Coach" through Positive Coaching Alliance

Sponsor an Individual Child

With this opportunity, KIDSPORTS will identify a child in need and your gift will provide them with free KIDSPORTS participation. You will receive a letter of thanks from the child telling their season experience.