5th-8th Grade Girls & 5th Grade Boys Basketball Seeding Jamboree

All coaches will need to submit a JAMBOREE ASSESSMENT FORM on Sunday 1/13 immediately following your final game of the jamboree.

We will be tabulating results and taking coach input Sunday evening.
Each team should send a representative to the meeting for their age group:
5th grade boys: Sunday 1/13 at 5:30pm at Roosevelt Middle School.
5th grade girls: Sunday 1/13 at 3:00pm at Madison Middle School.
6th grade girls: Sunday 1/13 at 6:00pm at Kennedy Middle School.
7th-8th grade girls: Sunday 1/13 at 6:30pm at Madison Middle School.

- 5th grade boys jamboree Schedule

- 5th grade girls jamboree Schedule
6th grade girls jamboree Schedule
- 7th-8th grade girls jamboree Schedule