2016 Winter Rugby Sessions

2016 Winter Flag Rugby, Grades 3-9

Sport Overview

Invented by school kids in England as a game in which a ball could be carried, kicked, and passed, rugby has been a USA sport for over 141 years. Rugby was the fastest-growing team sport in the USA in 2013 among ages 6-12, and the third fastest among those aged 13-17.

Sevens rugby is a fast scaled-down version of rugby that combines elements such as continuous movement, passing, and positional play that would be familiar to those that have participated in soccer, basketball, football, and ultimate frisbee. Named for the seven players that form a team, "sevens" was an Olympic sport at Rio 2016.

Program Information
The winter flag rugby season offers 12 no-tackle sessions in which participants learn passing, kicking, and basic attacking and defensive tactics. We follow the rules of American Flag Rugby, which allow for no-push scrums and lineouts.

Each session includes conditioning, fitness, and skills games, plus 30 minutes devoted to game play. Players can expect overall improvements in their physical condition by the end of the season.


  •  If enough players register, teams of equal skill and age will be formed to play two intra-squadmatches during two weeknight sessions. As flags are used, teams may span more than one age division.
  • If too few players register to form teams, there will be no matches, only sessions, each of which includes play.
  • A minimum of 10 players are required to register.

$50, including free T-shirt. Rugby balls will be available for purchase.

Scholarships are NOT available through Kidsports. Limited assistance is available from Schools Sevens Rugby. Questions about scholarships should be directed to Schools Sevens Rugby before registration.

Player Behavior
Players are expected to behave courteously towards coaches and each other, and to co-operate in a positive way with their coaches and coaching assistants. Players who consistently fail to follow these guidelines may ultimately be ejected from the program.

Each Player Must Provide Own

  •  water and snacks
  •  layers of clothes suitable for action and cold weather
  •  soccer cleats without metal studs or running shoes

No experience necessary! Try one session for free before registering. Bring a friend, too!

Contact Details
For further information, please call Doc at 541-357-9533, or e-mail at schools.sevens.lane@gmail.com

Important Dates
Parents' Meeting: Nov. 6, 6pm-7pm
Sessions Start & End: Nov. 8-Dec. 15, Tues. & Thur., 5:30pm-7:30pm
Possible Intra-squad Matches: Dec. 8 & Dec. 15, 7pm