This is the place to start to get the current and most recent schedules.

Links to current regular season league schedules, jamboree schedules, team formation schedules, and tournament schedules will be posted here when they become available.

Pay attention for an e-mail with an invite code for the BonziTeam webpage for your team. This is an exciting new way for coaches and parents to stay in contact with each other and develop their own team webpage.


-- Rec Soccer (K-3rd Grade) Regular Season Schedules

*****Rec Soccer (K-1st Grade) Jamboree Schedules (Sept. 20th)
*****Rec Soccer (2nd-3rd Grade) Jamboree Schedules (Sept. 20th)

-- Flag Football (2nd-5th Grade) Regular Season Schedules

-- Klassic Soccer (4th-8th Grade) Regular Season Schedules

-- Tackle Football (4th-8th Grade) Regular Season Schedules

-- TOT Soccer (3 and 4 year olds) Session Schedules


For U11 games on Turf: The sidelines will be the football markings. The goals should be brought forward to the 10 yard line. The top of the goal box will be the 15 yard-line, sides are football hash marks. Goal kicks will be taken from there. The top of the penalty box will be the 25 yard line, width is indicated by blue lacrosse lines or 5 yards in from the sideline (as some turf fields do not have lacrosse lines). Referees will be lenient with any violations as an actual box is not marked.

Note for teams entering KIDSPORTS End of Season Tournaments:

  • · Only KIDSPORTS officially rostered regular season teams are eligible for KIDSPORTS tournament play.
  • · As a reminder and as stated in 2.04 of the KIDSPORTS Program and Coach Handbook: Tournament play requires that coaches play only athletes on their official roster in KIDSPORTS' regular season games and official tournaments.
  • · Any use of a non - rostered player (even if they are officially rostered on another KIDSPORTS team) is a severe breach of ethics and is grounds for immediate dismissal and game forfeiture. There is never a permissible reason to use a player that is not on the roster. If the coach has any questions he/she should speak with the KIDSPORTS Sports Manager.
  • · Coaches please make sure you are registering for the tournament with your official regular season roster. Lineup cards are required for tournament play.

NOTE about practice schedules:

The coach of each team schedules the practice times and locations for their team. The coach is responsible for communicating the practice schedule to the players/parents on the team. Not every team starts practicing on the 1st possible date of the season; some start a little later. If you have not heard from the coach contact us at and we will give you all of the info we can to get you started and in contact with the coach.

Other Links


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- Reporting Scores

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- In General, When are Practices and Games for Each Sport?

Note: KIDSPORTS is not responsible for lost or stolen items during any practices, games, or events of any type. We do have a lost and found at our office at 2190 Polk St. in Eugene.