Kids Klassic Basketball Tournament

KIDS Classic Tournament 2013
$80.00 Team Entry Fee (9th-12th Grades)
$60.00 Team Entry Fee (3rd-4th Grades)
March 15th, 16th, 17th, 2013
Eugene & Springfield, Oregon

Contact: Matt Brown
541-683-2374 x 106

General Info

KIDSPORTS invites you to the annual Post-Season KIDS Classic! Join boys' and girls' basketball teams from around the the area in an end of season tourney. When possible, upper and lower brackets will be formed at each skill level for 9th through 12th grade teams. 3rd and 4th grade teams will play in 4-team brackets with teams of similar skill level and won-loss record. Standard regular season KIDSPORTS rules and playing time requirements will be used at all levels. The tournament will be held March 15th-17th. All teams are guaranteed two games. Sunday games may begin as early as 9:00am. Awards will be presented to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and consolation winners. Print and complete the Entry Form (to the right) and return with your entry fee to:

KIDS Classic Basketball Tournament
2190 Polk St.
Eugene, OR 97405

Entries and payment must be received by Mar. 6, 2013.

Note for teams entering KIDSPORTS End of Season Tournaments:

  • · Only KIDSPORTS officially rostered regular season teams are eligible for tournament play.
  • · As a reminder and as stated in 2.04 of the KIDSPORTS Program and Coach Handbook: Tournament play requires that coaches play only athletes on their official roster in KIDSPORTS' regular season games and official tournaments.
  • · Any use of a non - rostered player (even if they are officially rostered on another KIDSPORTS team) is a severe breach of ethics and is grounds for immediate dismissal and game forfeiture. There is never a permissible reason to use a player that is not on the roster. If the coach has any questions he/she should speak with the KIDSPORTS Sports Manager.
  • · Coaches please make sure you are registering for the tournament with your official regular season roster. Lineup cards are required for tournament play.