Fall Klassic Soccer Tournament Info

KIDSPORTS Klassic Soccer Cup Tournament:

Every team U11, U12, and U14 will be entered into the KS Season-Ending Tournament.
It will run from Oct. 28 - Nov. 6th. This tournament is free; it is part of the team fees paid for the season.
Schedules now posted, see link to the right.

LEAGUE CHAMPIONS CUP (Nov. 12-13): Plans are nearing completion on the OYSA League Champions Cup Tournament. We will send 2 teams from our U12 and U14 Gold Leagues to this Tournament. These teams will be determined by our season-ending tournament. The semi-final winners will go to state! The 3rd place winner will be the 1st alternate, with the chance to go if one of our teams cannot, or if we are awarded a Wild-Card spot. Click Here for Special Hotel Rate info for teams outside of Eugene/Springfield

This is the first year of this tournament. I hope that Gold teams are looking forward to representing our league.

Team Entry Fee is $495.00

There are brackets for U12, U13*, and U14 teams.

*Since we do not have a U13 league, we still have a chance to send teams to this bracket: Gold teams that are U13 only (or are willing to leave off any U14 players) or Silver teams that are U13 (or are willing to leave off any U14 players) can qualify (Silver teams will have to upgrade to competitive cards.) Please email Halw@kidsports.org if you think your team might be interested. We may hold a U13 bracket of our tournament if more than 2 want to go.