Fall Klassic Soccer Seeding Jamboree

Coaches: Fill out a JAMBOREE ASSESSMENT FORM. Turn in the form at the field right after your final game! Please list a phone number to reach the coach on Sunday evening if there is a question about league placement. We use the jamboree scores AND coach input to make the most appropriate league groupings possible. Any coach who would like to join in the league placement process can come to the League Placement Meeting at the KIDSPORTS office in Eugene (U12-U14, 6:30pm; U11, 7:00pm) on Sunday Sept. 7th (2190 Polk St.).

-- U11 Boys Schedule

-- U12 Boys Schedule (Revised 9/5 2pm)

-- U14 Boys Schedule

-- U11 Girls Schedule

-- U12 Girls Schedule

-- U14 Girls Schedule (Revised 9/2 1:30pm)

For U11 games on Turf: The sidelines will be the football markings. The goals should be brought forward to the 10 yard line. The top of the goal box will be the 15 yard-line, sides are football hash marks. Goal kicks will be taken from there. The top of the penalty box will be the 25 yard line, width is indicated by blue lacrosse lines or 5 yards in from the sideline (as some turf fields do not have lacrosse lines). Referees will be lenient with any violations as an actual box is not marked.